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Simple, elegant and delicious…there is no better way to describe this light, refreshing dessert we call Blackberry Fool.

When you can make my blackberry fool dessert look so elegant and delicious, you might just fool your guests…making them think you worked all day on it!

Personally, I have never heard of a “fool” dessert until recently.  Stumbling on to a few recipes that I wanted to try recreating, I found a recipe called berry fool (could be any berry).  The Pioneer Woman made something similar if you want to check it out here.


So where does the word “fool” come from and why is it used in a creamy, elegant dessert?

From the research I’ve done, it seems the exact origin of the name “berry fool” is unknown.  It is just known as a dish where you mix sweetened cream with some sort of tart berries…gooseberries were the most common berry to be used back in the day. 

Some say that an early trifle dessert contained no fruit (only cream), and that’s where the “fool” came to be.  Who really knows?

Allow me to tell you about my Blackberry Fool though!  As simple as it is to make, it is a delicious treat to serve after a meal.  Even though it is made with heavy cream, this dish seems to be quite light in texture…I know, sounds contradictory, but that’s just my opinion.


Blackberry Fool (THM-S, Sugar-free, Low Carb)



How to make this taste even better!

Adding just a splash of orange extract really makes the berries pop with a burst of citrus flavor that I love!  Some may not care for the extra flavor, but it’s worth a try.  You might surprise yourself!

Some people may prefer their cream a bit sweeter than mine…I didn’t want to overdo it on the sweetness.  It was perfect for me, but feel free to taste and add more if needed.  Make it your own! 


Freeze It?

Can I share little secret?  I put the leftover blackberry fool in the freezer.  After frozen, it tastes like berry ice cream!! Wow!! My boys LOVE it so much better frozen!  So there’s another way to eat this delicious dessert.


It is not pictured, but if you baked my lemon cookie dough bites, then crumbled the cookie on top of this blackberry fool…uuummm…I think that sound like a fantastic idea!  Who’s going to join me?


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Blackberry Fool (THM-S, Sugar-free, Low Carb)

A simple dessert that looks super fancy, light and refreshing...this elegant dessert will amaze your guests.

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

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  1. Place berries in a bowl and sprinkle the Super Sweet on top, along with the orange extract.
  2. Stir gently then set aside.
  3. For cream, mix heavy cream and Gentle Sweet together until soft peaks form.
  4. Add sour cream and mix again for a few seconds.
  5. Now smash the berries in their bowl until you reach a nice compote texture.
  6. Add a couple spoonfuls of berries into the whipped cream and carefully fold just a couple times.
  7. Repeat with the berries and folding method until all the berries are folded in nicely.
  8. Dish up into some pretty cups or bowls and serve with a berry on top! (my lemon cookie crumbled on top would be awesome too)


I highly recommend putting any leftovers in the freezer for a delicious frozen "ice cream" treat! My kids enjoy it better frozen than as a creamy, whipped dessert!!


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