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Potpourri…there are so many varieties and scents for every season, but there’s nothing like the smell of Christmas during the holiday season!


Homemade Holiday Potpourri


I posted a picture of my potpourri concoction on my facebook page the other day and had such a nice response that I thought I would make an official blog post about it!

A few years ago I discovered how to make homemade potpourri with fresh ingredients.  I love to let it simmer all day on the stovetop…it fills my home with the amazing fragrance of spice and citrus.  I love it!  It seems like I only make this blend of potpourri during Christmas and the winter months.  I suppose it’s because it’s a cozy, warm scent, and we all know that cozy, warm and comfort are things that remind us of the Christmas season.

As soon as our college gets out of school for Christmas break and my boys get out of school for the holidays, I know it’s time to bring on the soups, special treats and homemade comfort food for my family.

Making my house smell nice for my family & friends is extremely important to me (and probably you too!!).  I love when my husband walks in the door from work and exclaims “it smells good in here!”  Score!!!


Homemade Holiday Potpourri


Smelling fresh cranberries, orange peel, cinnamon and cloves mixed together is something you may have already experienced in your home, but I’d like to share this concoction just in case you haven’t heard of this before.

As a side note, you may think I am wasting cranberries by using them just for making my house smell good.  Well, Aldi just happened to have them on sale for $.49 a bag, so I picked up a few bags to have on hand.  I don’t feel bad using a cup of cranberries for this yummy blend (and I make it last 2-3 days).  I also make the famous Trim Healthy Mama Cranberry Wassail, which is so good!  I like to make a double batch and store it in quart jars in my fridge.  It’s good cold, but I love it hot!!


Homemade Holiday Potpourri


Of course, you can make your own variety of homemade potpourri.  I just like this particular blend because it smells like the holiday season!!  You can absolutely do this potpourri recipe all year round if desired…your house will smell amazing if you do! 🙂  Please share your homemade potpourri recipes in the comments.


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Homemade Holiday Potpourri

The fragrance of Christmas will fill your house with this homemade holiday potpourri.

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  • 1 cup fresh cranberries
  • orange peel from 2 small mandarin oranges or 1 large orange
  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks
  • pinch of whole cloves
  • splash of vanilla , optional (I don't always use vanilla since it is not a cheap ingredient)


  1. Toss everything in a saucepan and fill about 3/4 full with water.
  2. Simmer over very low heat on stovetop.
  3. If it starts boiling, you probably have the heat too high. This should simmer all day with having to fill the water up a couple times. Keep an eye on it if it gets too low on water.

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