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One sip of this iced vanilla coconut coffee and you’ll be hooked!


Iced Vanilla Coconut Coffee

The flavors of vanilla and coconut together are amazing!


Iced Vanilla Coconut Coffee (THM-FP, Sugar-Free)



Hi, My Name Is Rachel And I WAS Addicted To Flavored Coffee Creamer

Before I start telling you how much I love this iced coffee and its wonderful flavors, I must tell you that I was addicted to store-bought flavored coffee creamer…from plain vanilla to pumpkin spice to whatever I was in the mood for that day.

It was not unusual for me to have 2-3 different bottles of flavored creamer in my fridge at a time.  If I were using just a couple teaspoons, I probably wouldn’t feel as guilty, but who was I fooling? 

I did not care for coffee unless it was very sweet, so yeah, it was “a little coffee with my creamer” sort of thing.


Make Homemade Creamer

I tried so many different ways to make my coffee taste good without using flavored creamers, but most every way I tried failed and I drank my coffee with disappointment. 

I will say that I enjoyed Mrs Criddles homemade coffee creamer.  I made a batch and stored it in the fridge for easy access.  Because I travel alot, I knew I needed something even more convenient, so I kept thinking of what I could do for a perfect cup of coffee!


Iced Vanilla Coconut Coffee (THM-FP, Sugar-Free)



Collagen In My Coffee

Side note:  you may be wondering why I am so worried about getting a cup of coffee everyday.

It is simply because I pour 2 Tablespoons of Collagen powder in my coffee (or tea) every single day. 

Collagen has helped my hair to slowly grow in again.  I have thin hair, even still, but have noticed over the past year and a half that new hairs continue to grow all over my head.  That, my friend, is encouraging…and is exactly why I continue to invest in collagen.


Flavored Sweetener

Ok, so now you know why coffee is so important to me.  I was ordering some items on Amazon website when I came across these cute little squeeze bottles of flavored stevia. 

The flavors were vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coconut and plain stevia.  I was intrigued and decided to give some of the flavors a try.

To make a long story short, I was not disappointed.  Who ever thought of putting flavors and sweetener together in one little bottle was a genius!  Now all I had to do was add my collagen and half & half and my coffee was ready to go!


Iced Vanilla Coconut Coffee (THM-FP, Sugar-Free)



Where I Get My Vanilla

I have to mention something about the vanilla I use in my iced vanilla coconut coffee…it is from the country of Haiti.  I have used only Haitian vanilla for the past 11-1/2 years.  My family goes to Haiti once in a while and they usually bring me more.  I’m so thankful since it is the real stuff, not the imitation vanilla at the store.  It really gives everything I put it in an incredible flavor!  A huge shout out to my mother-in-law for always keeping me supplied!!


SweetLeaf Company

I also want to thank the SweetLeaf Stevia company for creating a whole set of these amazing Sweet Drops.  There are 5 bottles in all!  These little bottles are the only thing I use now.  A couple short squirts and my coffee has a whole new flavor!

 I appreciate SweetLeaf for making products that use stevia alone, as I use to have an allergy to sugar alcohols (erythritol/xylitol) and could not use other squirt bottles of sweetener.

There is no after-taste to these products…that made my decision to use them so easy!   SweetLeaf has so many other fabulous stevia products.  I hope you will go to their website and check them out for yourself.


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Yields 1

Iced Vanilla Coconut Coffee Recipe AND SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Giveaway!!

The taste of vanilla and coconut go so well together...the only thing that makes it better is having those two flavors in your iced coffee!!

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  1. Add vanilla and Sweet Drops to cooled coffee.
  2. Fill quart jar with ice.
  3. Pour coffee over ice.
  4. Slowly pour half & half over iced coffee for that pretty, swirly look!


The longest part of this simple recipe is waiting for your coffee to cool. You could always make coffee the night before and have it cooling in the fridge overnight. It'll be ready to go in the morning.


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