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These kombucha jello squares are full of natural probiotics!  They are sugar free and have fun, delicious flavors that the whole family will love.  


Kombucha Jello Squares (THM-FP, Sugar Free)

Jello Is Healthy And Fun

Did you grow up eating finger jello?

It’s fun, right?  

Now you don’t have to reach for those boxed jello mixes anymore!

You can make jello for your whole family and feel good about it.


Kombucha Jello Squares (THM-FP, Sugar Free)


Jello That Is Gut-Healthy

This jello is packed full of good nutrients that will work on cleansing and healing your gut.

Kombucha is a great antioxidant for your body and can boost your immune system.

Read about other fermented foods that are great for your gut health!



How To Make Homemade Kombucha

If you are new to kombucha, go ahead and read about how to make it right in your own kitchen!   A Guide For Making Kombucha

You wouldn’t have to make homemade kombucha to make this jello.

Store bought kombucha would work just fine.

Many people prefer the taste of homemade over store-bought.


What Ingredients Do I Need To Make Kombucha Jello Squares

Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own kombucha jello!


Kombucha Jello Squares (THM-FP, Sugar Free)


Is Kombucha Jello Low Carb?

This jello recipe would be considered low carb as long as you stick to one serving.

As mentioned in my Kombucha post, if you follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan, you may have ½ cup of kombucha in an S or Fuel Pull setting. 

Have more than that with an E.   

By using four cups of kombucha for this entire recipe, my jello squares would be a Fuel Pull if you limit yourself to 2 jello squares.

(I cut mine into 15 squares, but you could cut smaller squares and feel like you’re having more) 


Important Fact When Making Kombucha Jello Squares

When making kombucha jello squares, keep one thing in mind. 

You’re dealing with good bacteria and probiotics. 

Heating the kombucha just until the gelatin is dissolved is very important. 

If it gets too hot, you can kill all of the good bacteria in your kombucha. 

It will still be yummy, but will lack its probiotic benefits.



Use Your Favorite Kombucha And Berries

You can’t really go wrong when making these jello squares.

The flavor of your jello will depend on the flavor of your kombucha and berries.

You can replace the strawberries in this recipe for another berry, or you can omit berries altogether!


What Is The Best Sweetener For This Jello Recipe?

The sweetness depends on your taste buds. 

I chose to use 2 “doonks” of THM pure stevia extract powder to mine and it was perfect for me. 

(1 “doonk” is 1/32 of a teaspoon)

If you like your treats really sweet, then go for a little more sweetener.


Kombucha Jello Squares (THM-FP, Sugar Free)


Is Kombucha Jello Kid-friendly?

I don’t think you’ll have any problem getting your child to enjoy these kombucha jello squares.  

After I took the pictures for this blog post, I took a plate outside where my boys were playing with a neighbor friend.

They all took a couple squares each, declaring with each bite “I love them!!”.  

I’m happy that they are getting some all-natural probiotics into their growing bodies.



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If you try these kombucha jello squares and enjoy it, share the love!


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Yields 15-16 squares

Serves 2 squares

Kombucha Jello Squares (THM-FP, Sugar Free)

Jiggly jello squares that are fun to eat, plus have some awesome probiotic benefits for your gut health.

1 hrPrep Time

1 hrTotal Time

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  1. Pour 2 cups of kombucha in a pan on the stovetop. Do not turn heat on yet.
  2. Sprinkle gelatin on top and allow liquid to absorb.
  3. In the meantime, pour remaining 2 cups of kombucha in a blender along with strawberries and sweetener.
  4. Blend until smooth.
  5. Back to the stovetop, turn heat on low and whisk just until gelatin is dissolved. (Remember that too much heat will kill the good bacteria in the kombucha)
  6. Take off heat and pour gelatin kombucha into strawberry kombucha and mix well.
  7. Pour it all into a 9 x 13 glass baking dish and refrigerate for a 1-2 hours or until firm.


1 "doonk" is 1/32 of a teaspoon

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