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These low carb biscuits are super yummy! They are gluten free, keto-friendly, slightly crumbly, yet soft and moist. They’re especially delicious when paired with a pat of butter!!

Best Low Carb Biscuits Are Easy To Make

When you think of a warm, satisfying, homemade biscuit, you probably think of all the work that has to go into making it.

Let me tell you, I understand! When it comes to making a delicious biscuit or bread recipe, there’s usually yeast involved.

As with most yeast recipes, it takes time to knead the dough, allow it to rise, shape and then wait for it to rise again!

I enjoy making those yeasty recipes, but there’s not always time for it.

Enter this best low carb biscuit recipe!!

It couldn’t be easier! Just mix all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop Tablespoon-full dough onto a baking tray!

Best Low Carb Biscuits (THM-S, Gluten Free)

Can I Use Low Carb Biscuits Like Sandwich Bread?

There are low carb biscuit recipes out there that are made with more stability and won’t fall apart too easily.

As for this recipe, it is perfect for pouring sausage gravy on top.

I love them plain with a pat of butter and a little jelly! You don’t have to stop there, though! Pumpkin butter is amazing with biscuits too!

They stay together enough to hold them, but I do not recommend making sandwiches with them.

Biscuits are made differently…some are fluffy and more stable (for sandwiches). Others are more like drop biscuits (such as this recipe).

All biscuits will be somewhat crumbly, but that’s just the way a good biscuit is supposed to be!!

Best Low Carb Biscuits (THM-S, Gluten Free)

How Long Does It Take To Bake Biscuits?

After all the mixing is complete, you will take a tablespoon from your silverware drawer and scoop an average size biscuit portion on to your lined cookie sheet.

I found that setting your oven temperature to 425 degrees is perfect for these biscuits to cook nicely.

It will only take approximately 7-8 minutes for them to cook!

Start checking on them around the 7 minute mark, then watch for the tops to become golden. That’s when you know they are done!

Best Low Carb Biscuits (THM-S, Gluten Free)

How To Store Gluten Free Biscuits

Because this recipe makes around nine biscuits, there may not be any leftovers to store!

However, if you should double the recipe and end up with leftovers, you could carefully place the biscuits in a Ziploc bag or an airtight container.

I have left the container of leftovers on my kitchen counter, but only because I knew they would be eaten the next day.

If you know that your biscuits won’t get eaten right away, you can store them in your fridge.

Best Low Carb Biscuits (THM-S, Gluten Free)

Ingredients Needed For The Best Low Carb Biscuits

Fortunately, you can buy most, if not all of the ingredients for these biscuits in your local grocery store.

Oat fiber may be a bit harder to find in-store, but can be ordered online! (heads up – Trim Healthy Mama Oat Fiber is the best) It is soft and fluffy!

Best Low Carb Biscuits (THM-S, Gluten Free)

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Best Low Carb Biscuits
Yield: 9 biscuits

Best Low Carb Biscuits

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 8 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes

These low carb biscuits are super yummy! They are gluten free, keto-friendly, slightly crumbly, yet soft and moist. They're especially delicious when paired with a pat of butter!!



  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. In medium bowl, mix all dry ingredients.
  3. Add butter and mix until it resembles course crumbs.
  4. Add Greek yogurt and egg and mix.
  5. Take Tablespoon size portions of dough and place on lined cookie sheet.
  6. Bake for 7-8 minutes or until golden.
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