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I have discovered a lucky pot ‘o gold at the end of the rainbow…tis this mint chocolate chip cream pie!


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie

A few posts ago, I created a peanut butter cream pie that got tons of hits on my blog!  

It is truly delicious and definitely worth checking out!

Because St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I wanted to have a “green” recipe for you all.

What better than another cream pie recipe? 


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


Secret Ingredient

Promise you won’t turn your nose up when you read this.

The secret ingredient in my mint chocolate chip cream pie is…spinach!


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



Yes, spinach is what I used to create the green color.  It is safe, all-natural and, believe me, there is absolutely no hint of spinach flavor.  Trust me!!

When my husband saw the spinach puree, he wasn’t too sure about it.

His opinion changed quickly after tasting the creamy green filling!  He is so supportive and told me this pie would be a winner.


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


How To Make Natural Green Food Coloring Using Spinach

There are only a few steps in making spinach puree (green food coloring).  Here goes! 

  1. Boil 3 cups of water in a pan on the stove
  2. Add 2 handfuls of raw spinach to boiling water and allow to boil for about 20 minutes
  3. Drain water and put wilted spinach leaves in a small blender or use immersion blender to blend into puree
  4. Pour puree into small bowl and set aside until needed

If you are interested in the wonderful health benefits of spinach, check out what Dr Axe has to say right here!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


Who Shrunk The Spinach?

It’s crazy that 2 big handfuls of spinach only make around 2-3 Tablespoons of puree.

As spinach cooks it wilts until it becomes hardly anything.

I’m telling you…this puree makes the perfect green color! 

You could add more than I did, but the more puree (or liquid) you add, the less firm your pie will be. 

(side note:  if you absolutely cannot handle the thought of spinach in your cream pie, by all means, add a couple drops of green food coloring!)

Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


What You’ll Need To Make A Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie

As I take another bite of my pie, I think it’s time to tell you what you need to make it.  Agree?

  • almond flour
  • THM Gentle Sweet (I used my homemade xylitol-free version of Gentle Sweet)
  • cocoa powder
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • heavy cream
  • peppermint extract
  • spinach puree
  • sugar free chocolate chips (I used Lily’s)



Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



There is a little Irish in my blood.  I also have a close friend whose family came overseas from Ireland when they were just kids.


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


Whether or not you are from an Irish heritage, I hope you enjoy this little blessing.

I am not the author of this blessing, but I’d like to dedicate it to my friend, Stephanie and her family!


An Irish Blessing

May there always be work

for your hands to do.

May your purse always hold

a coin or two.

May the sun always shine 

on your windowpane.

May a rainbow be certain

to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend

Always be near you.

May God fill your heart with

gladness to cheer you.

-An Irish Blessing-


Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)


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If you try my mint chocolate chip cream pie and enjoy it, share the love!


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Yields 1 pie

Mint Chocolate Chip Cream Pie (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)

Ready for St Patrick's Day (or any occasion really), this is a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow!

25 minPrep Time

25 minTotal Time

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  1. Prepare spinach puree ahead of time and set aside.
  2. Mix crust ingredients together and press into a 9 inch pie plate. Place in fridge to firm up a bit.
  3. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat filling ingredients together, except chocolate chips.
  4. Stir in chocolate chips.
  5. Scoop mixture into prepared pie plate and set in fridge to firm.
  6. Using hand mixer again, beat heavy cream and sweetener until soft to medium peaks form.
  7. Spoon it on top of pie when ready to serve.
  8. Sprinkle more chocolate chips on top if desired.


You may replace spinach puree with a couple drops of green food coloring if you must...ha!