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Strawberries do not have to be in season for you to enjoy this flavor of summer!!Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (THM-FP)

When I was little I thought yogurt was so disgusting!  I can’t really tell you at what age I really started liking it…my taste buds changed at some point and now I enjoy it quite often.

When I first heard about Oiko’s Triple Zero Greek yogurt, I was intrigued and bought several different flavors to try.  They were delicious!  Definitely a great snack, but there was one problem —these yogurts left me feeling kinda yucky/bloated.  I really wanted to keep eating them, but because they had a (not so good) reaction for my stomach, I stopped completely.  I know there are many people that cannot handle the chicory root that is in the triple zero yogurt…that’s ok…because there are other options available now!  My friend Sarah over at My Montana Kitchen has a vanilla copycat triple zero yogurt recipe on her blog.  Vanilla goes with pretty much anything, but one of my favorite flavors is strawberry!Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (THM-FP)

I knew I had to try to make a strawberry yogurt for those of us who just had to have our strawberry fix.   And I believe I have a winner!!  This recipe definitely tastes like a store-bought strawberry yogurt, only it has “good for you” ingredients.  I personally love it with either fresh or frozen strawberries mixed in with it.  So good!Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (THM-FP)

I love the pretty pale pink color this yogurt takes on.  You could use a few drops of red food coloring or go ahead and use some beet root powder.  I try to keep the food coloring as natural as possible, even though this recipe does not require much at all.Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (THM-FP)

This would be a great snack with my Very Berry Compote on top.  You could also sprinkle some Low Carb Granola on as well.  I’d love to know how you enjoy eating your yogurt!


Serves 2 (1/2 cup servings)

Mock Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt (THM-FP)

The delightful flavor of can enjoy this all year 'round.

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  1. Mix everything together and store in the fridge!


You are not obligated to use any red food coloring at all with this yogurt. The flavors will still be great! If you decide to use either coloring, use enough to make it as pink as you like.