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I love making bulletproof coffee every now and then…it’s really not hard to get all the ingredients out and put in a blender, but wouldn’t it be a bit quicker to have all of those ingredients mixed in one simple packet, ready to put in your morning coffee or tea?


Ninja Goat Fat Coffee Product Review


I’m here to tell you that you can do that!  I was so excited when the Ninja Goat Nutrition company sent me some of their vanilla flavored Fat Coffee to try and review!!

The box of Fat Coffee (as they call it) has a little picture of a goat on the package…they made their packaging unique and I like that!

With only 1 carbohydrate in each serving, this is a great blend for those doing Keto, Low carb, and of course Trim Healthy Mama 🙂


Ninja Goat Fat Coffee Product Review


Ninja Goat Nutrition is a small family owned company based in Philadelphia, PA (my home state by the way).   I like that they are dedicated to creating their products from local sources.

I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of this vanilla flavored Fat Coffee in my cup of coffee.   There is a distinct coconut flavor, due to the organic virgin coconut oil as one of the ingredients.  I love coconut, so they get 2 thumbs up just for that!  MCT oil is another ingredient that is super good for speeding up your metabolism, heart and brain health and promoting weight loss.  All in all, there are some fabulous ingredients in this one little packet…healthy benefits for our bodies!  If you like a sweeter coffee, feel free to add stevia or your favorite sweetener.


Ninja Goat Fat Coffee Product Review


They recommend that you blend this with a blender (or use a milk frother like I did) for best results.

Just as it is not advised to drink bulletproof coffee too frequently because of the high calories, the same goes with these packets of Fat Coffee.  There are 220 calories in one packet, along with 25 grams of fat.  I would probably drink one every week or every other week!


Ninja Goat Fat Coffee Product Review


They are delicious and I’m very happy to do a positive review on this product.  These reviews and opinions are my own!  I have not been paid to do this review.  I do my best to give honest reviews on new products and food items for my readers!  Let me know if you enjoy these product reviews!