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Chia seeds…a popular superfood that is so versatile, they can be used in so many ways!


Powerhouse Chia Juice (THM-S)


So last summer I tried Mama Chia drinks for the first time…I know I know, not on plan, but we were away from home for most of the summer, and I really wanted to try one to see if I would even consider making my own.  I have to admit that they are delicious.  I thought I may not like the texture of gelled chia seeds, but again, I loved it!  I’m sure there are those out there who despise that type of texture, but there’s something fun about drinking chia juice.


Powerhouse Chia Juice (THM-S)


Well, I went on a mission to make my own chia juice.  It’s rather easy actually.  I got the idea from Mama Natural.  Her recipe is right here!  Instead of using juice, I have used one cup of brewed flavored tea (that has cooled – berry is one of my favorites), Bai drinks or even your favorite Good Girl Moonshine.


Powerhouse Chia Juice (THM-S)


This beverage falls under the S fuel category simply because chia seeds are full of good omega-3 fatty acids.  Not only are they rich in good fats, they are also a protein source.  Since I use 3 Tablespoons per drink, it is well over 5 grams of fat.  You could make this juice a Fuel Pull if you used half that amount…but your drink may not be as thick.  Still good for you either way!


Powerhouse Chia Juice (THM-S)


I love the fact that chia seeds are so beneficial to my body.  There is tons of information to read on chia seeds.  I happen to like Dr Axe’s views, so here’s what he has to say on them.


Powerhouse Chia Juice (THM-S)


Please let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried a chia drink and what you think of the texture…love it? sorta like it?  I’d love to hear from you about this Powerhouse juice!


Yields 2 cups

Powerhouse Chia Juice {THM-S}

A powerhouse drink that will give you an energy boost as well as some good omega-3's and's that for a tiny seed?!!

30 minPrep Time

30 minTotal Time

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  • 1 cup warm water
  • 3 Tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1 cup of your favorite "juice" (examples: brewed flavored tea-cooled, good girl moonshine, Bai, etc)


  1. Mix chia seeds with warm water in a mason jar. This will allow seeds to start expanding.
  2. Allow chia seeds to expand for atleast 30 minutes, or for best results, store in fridge overnight.
  3. When chia seed/water combination is ready it will be very thick and gelled.
  4. To the chia seed jar, add 1 cup of your favorite "juice" and give a good stir.