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These quick low carb crackers are the perfect little treat!  With their salty crunch, it will give you the satisfastion of eating crackers while staying on the Trim Healthy Mama plan!  These crackers are a Fuel Pull, which means you can eat them with good fats or healthy carbs…so get your favorite dip and enjoy!

How To Make Quick Low Carb Crackers

This recipe is really not a “recipe” at all.  It techinally uses only 1 ingredient…Joseph’s Lavash Bread.

Simply cut the lavash bread into little squares…about the size of a Cheez-It cracker.

I like to use a pizza cutter for easy slicing!

Next, you will put a few squares on a microwavable plate and heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  You will want to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

I got around 63 little crackers out of a whole lavash bread, but to keep it low in fat and carbs (or a THM Fuel Pull), only eat half of it.

That’s still over 30 crackers you can eat with either an S or an E fuel.

Easy Low Carb Crackers (THM-Fuel Pull)

Can I Put Seasonings On My Crackers?

Certainly!  There are a variety of spices you could use to top your low carb crackers.

Salt is my personal favorite…it’s simple and will go with any dip or spread!

Of course you can make your quick crackers with whatever seasoning you have on hand.

Taco flavors would taste great, as well as smoked paprika or even a sweet cracker using your favorite low carb graulated sweetener!

My Store Doesn’t Carry Joseph’s Lavash Bread

No problem.  There are a couple options to fix that issue.

For starters, you can always order them online right here!

Secondly, you could definitely use another low carb wrap to make your crackers.

Whole wheat Mission wraps can usually be found in grocery stores and you would make them the same way!

Easy Low Carb Crackers (THM-Fuel Pull)

What Dip Should I Eat With Low Carb Crackers?

As I mentioned earlier, these quick crackers are a Fuel Pull for the Trim Healthy Mama. 

That means they are low in fat and low in carbs, and can be used in an S meal or E meal.

For those who are wondering what Trim Healthy Mama is…it is a healthy lifestyle created by two sisters.

Those two sisters also author several books including cookbooks and a Plan book.  These books will help you understand even more about the THM plan!

So, what should you eat with these crackers? 

They can be eaten plain, with a creamy, rich dip or an energizing healthy carb dip. 

You could even crumble them over soup and salads!   The options are endless when it comes to crackers. 

Some Favorite Dips To Eat With Low Carb Crackers

Whether you love a delicious savory dip or a super sweet dip, these crackers will be the perfect match!

Here are just a few varieties that you may enjoy with your crackers.

Easy BBQ Chicken Dip – Easy BBQ chicken dip is a healthy, low carb and sugar free appetizer that your friends and family are certain to love!  Creamy and incredibly tasty, you are sure to receive much gratitude for bringing this dip to your parties!

Pepperoni Pizza Dip – Pepperoni pizza dip is a favorite appetizer for kids and adults the same! This cheesy, low carb dip is delicious with vegetables or low carb homemade chips.

Creamy Beef Artichoke Bake – Whether you choose to eat it as a main course or as an appetizer dip, this casserole will definitely have you coming back for more!

Sweet Cheese Ball – With chocolate chips in every bite, this is a delicious treat that is perfect for your kids, school parties, family gatherings or just to keep for yourself!

Everything Cheese Fat Bombs – All the flavors of an everything bagel made into a creamy, savory fat bomb! The nice thing about these fat bombs is you can easily make it a spread for veggies or crackers too!

Easy Low Carb Crackers (THM-Fuel Pull)

Can I Eat Low Carb Crackers While Doing Trim Healthy Mama?

If you follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan, you will already know what I mean when I say Fuel Pull.

First of all, Trim Healthy Mama is a way of living. Many people who follow THM have lost weight, gained weight (because they needed to), and have even maintained their weight for years.

These crackers would be considered a Fuel Pull for the Trim Healthy Mama.

A Fuel Pull is something that is low in calories, carbs and fat.

The fun thing about a Fuel Pull cracker is the fact that you can eat these crackers with an S meal or an E meal and be totally on plan!

Easy Low Carb Crackers (THM-Fuel Pull)

How Should I Store Homemade Crackers?

These low carb crackers will stay crunchy for several days in an airtight container in your pantry.

You can make several batches of these crackers and have them all through the week for a snack!

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Easy Low Carb Crackers (THM-Fuel Pull)

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


1. Lay 1 whole Lavash bread on a cutting board and slice into little squares using a pizza cutter or knife.

2. Lay several squares on a microwavable plate and heat for 25-30 seconds.

3. Do this step over and over until all the crackers are done!

4. Store cooled crackers in an airtight container.


Depending on the wattage of your microwave, you may have to cook less or more time. They will crisp up a bit more as they cool. Don't worry if they get too dark...that's happened to me as well.

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