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You’ll be amazed when you take your first bite into these white chocolate caramel cups!  Super simple, you can have these made in just a few minutes!


Tell Me About White Chocolate

As someone who loves chocolate, I wanted to create a super simple recipe containing a favorite of mine!

White chocolate can be hard to come by if you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan.

You can make your own homemade white chocolate chips like this recipe from Low Carb Yum.

I chose to use a new brand of chocolate called Bake Believe.

Their company makes white, dark and semi sweet chocolate chips (and they’re sugar free).


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



Did Someone Say Caramel?

Yes, there is caramel in this sweet recipe!

I recently made my Country Caramel for you all to enjoy.

My caramel recipe can be used as a sauce for ice cream or cake.

As it cools, it hardens and actually makes a nice caramel candy.

It is not going to be chewy and sticky like the little caramel squares you see in the candy aisle.


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



You’ve Heard Of Peanut Butter Cups

Haven’t we all heard of peanut butter cups?

I wanted to make a unique version of that famous little candy.

Except, I’ve had thoughts of Fall in my head, and I thought caramel would be a perfect filling!

You know what!!  It is a delicious combination…white chocolate and caramel.


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



How Many Ingredients Does This Recipe Require?

The wonderful thing about this white chocolate caramel cup recipe is that it only calls for two ingredients!

Yes, two!!  I’m not even kidding!

How much easier can it get?  

You just need to buy some sugar free white chocolate chips and then make my homemade caramel sauce!


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



What Do I Use To Make Them?

This recipe can be done in a small dish if desired, but I love to use these silicone muffin liners.

They are great because nothing sticks to them.

They also give the shape of a peanut butter cup, which is very cool.


What If I Don’t Have White Chocolate Chips?

You absolutely do not have to use white chocolate for this recipe!

I just like the taste of white chocolate.

You can use any sort of sugar free chocolate chips.

Bake Believe makes white, dark and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Lily’s chocolate chips are delicious too.

You could even chop up a 85% dark chocolate bar and use that (if you like dark chocolate)!


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



How Many White Chocolate Caramel Cups Does This Recipe Make?

I made a small batch with this recipe.

I got six silicone muffin liners out of it. 

The muffin liners were not full at all. 

Probably about the same size as a normal Reese’s peanut butter cup.


White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)



What Else Can I Make With White Chocolate Chips?

There are so many recipes on the web and Pinterest.

I would be honored if you tried my Easy Fudge recipe using white chocolate chips!

It’s so simple and only 2 ingredients as well.

Let me know if you try either one of my white chocolate recipes!


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Yields 6 chocolate caramel cups

White Chocolate Caramel Cups (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar Free)

White chocolate with a layer of homemade caramel sauce...and it's low carb and sugar free!

10 minCook Time

10 minTotal Time

Save RecipeSave Recipe


  • 3/4 cup sugar free white chocolate chips (you could use other sugar free chocolate if you wish)
  • 1 recipe of my Country Caramel Sauce (you won't use it all)


  1. Melt chocolate chips in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until melted.
  2. Line silicone muffin liners on plate.
  3. Spoon about 1 Tablespoon of chocolate on bottom of each liner.
  4. Pour 1-2 teaspoons of caramel sauce on top of chocolate.
  5. Pour more chocolate on top of caramel sauce layer.
  6. Refrigerate until it is set and firm.