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My xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener is something you’ll want to make over and over again!  It takes the place of THM Gentle Sweet (when you forget place your order before running out…oops!).

Can I share a personal story?

I love Trim Healthy Mama Gentle Sweet, but I could not use it or any of their sweeteners containing xylitol or erythritol simply because my body was going through a phase for atleast a couple of years.  If I would eat the tiniest bit of either sweetener, my face (especially forehead) would break out in what looked like a rash.  I was mortified every time it would happen!!  I was terribly discouraged at this point, knowing I couldn’t eat my favorite desserts without breaking out.


xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener (THM-friendly)


This randomly started a couple years ago, so skip ahead to June of 2018…I was still very careful to make sure anything I was eating did not have those 2 sweeteners in them.  I also started taking a good probiotic at this time (June 2018) because I figured why not…it couldn’t hurt, even if it doesn’t help my breakout issue.  After all, when your gut starts healing, many other physical issues start healing as well.


xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener (THM-friendly)


More About Gut Health

Gut health fascinates me personally.  I don’t understand everything completely yet, but I know enough that makes me want to have a clean healthy gut.


Kombucha, Bone Broth, Kefir, OH MY!!

Some things I do to keep myself healthy is to drink my homemade kombucha, homemade kefir, and homemade bone broth.  It is so cost-efficient to make your own natural probiotics!  These 3 homemade powerhouse drinks will get to work on your gut health and help your body to heal from the inside out!  If you’d like to make your own kombucha, here is an awesome book that I received for Christmas…it explains everything to do with kombucha.  My homemade bone broth recipe comes in handy during flu season.  It is great to freeze too.  Kefir grains can be ordered online or shared by a friend who makes homemade kefir.


Gifts that keep on giving

I wish I could give each of you a scoby to start your own kombucha. (I have a hotel now and could stand to give some away) 🙂  And kefir grains grow like crazy, so these things are gifts that keep on giving!  If you’re interested in reading more about gut health, one of my all-time favorite resources is Dr Josh Axe and he wrote a book called Eat Dirt.  I have the audio version and have been listening very intently.  Such great information and easy to read (or listen to).


xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener (THM-friendly)


My story continued…

Long story short, I’m so excited and happy to tell you that the probiotics were taking affect and working for my benefit.  With great caution I started bringing back foods with erythritol only.  Nothing happened…I didn’t break out!!!  Imagine my excitement!

I never did go back to xylitol because I feel like that is what triggered my body into not accepting erythritol as well…so staying away from xylitol at this point in my life is just my personal choice.  There hasn’t been any skin issues and I am happily eating all the erythritol I want again…yay!


THM Xylitol-free Gentle Sweet has been a life savor for me and probably many of you for different reasons.  The main reason to steer clear of xylitol would be if you have any pets, particularly dogs, as it can be fatal for them if they ingest even a tiny bit.


So when the THM Cyber Monday sale 2018 hit, I was so anxious to order some xylitol-free Gentle Sweet!  It’s been amazing in my recipes…tastes just like sugar!  Some stevia extract powders will give a bitter aftertaste, but not the THM brand!  It’s my favorite stevia powder and one I will continue to use.


xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener (THM-friendly)


Enter my xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener

I wanted to try making my own version of the xylitol-free Gentle Sweet, just incase I was running low on the THM Gentle Sweet, or if it is not in my budget at any given time.  Erythritol can be bought at many health food stores or several places online.  The THM Pure Stevia extract powder seems to never run out for me since it only takes a tiny bit per recipe.


Maybe you’re wondering what’s so good about erythritol.  Well, let me mention a few good things about this product:

  1. It contains zero calories
  2. It will not impact the blood sugar levels because it is very low on the glycemic index
  3. Dental health will not be affected
  4. Easy to digest, making it easy on your gut health


Replacing regular sugar with my xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener is definitely a great idea.  Start by using 1/2 the amount and taste test to see where it’s at.  If you like things a bit sweeter, feel free to add more!

So all you need for this recipe are 2 ingredients: erythritol & THM pure stevia powder.  Comment below telling me what you will make with my xylitol-free low carb powdered sweetener or Gentle Sweet!


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Yields 1 cup of sweetener

Xylitol-free Low Carb Powdered Sweetener (THM-friendly)

White fluffy stuff that's sweet like sugar...but it's not sugar!

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  1. Blend these 2 ingredients in your blender until it reaches a fine powder.


If replacing sugar in a recipe, start with about 1/2 of my sweetener then taste. Add more if desired, but always start with less.

This makes a smaller batch, so feel free to double or triple this recipe and store in a airtight container.